Corporate web design | AFFINIS recruitment

Project: Creativity and design of AFFINIS Recruitment’s new corporate web site.

Client: AFFINIS Recruitment


Affinis is a consultancy specialising in Personnel Selection and Headhunting. Positioned in Talent Recruitment as a benchmark in its geographical area.

Recently, b&p has renewed its corporate image.

With the same intention, the aim is to update the corporate website and adapt it to the new usability.


The need is to design a website that meets the following objectives.

  • Graphic adaptation and consistent with the new corporate image of the company.
  • Transmitting brand image
  • Offer confidence to both candidates and companies
  • Clear and concise messages
  • It has to be (at the same time) a platform to communicate job offers and attract new clients.
  • Facilitate the user experience


Different sketches were created in which priority was given to the fulfilment of the objectives set.

Once the proposals that met the set objectives were presented, the graphic line to be followed according to aesthetic criteria was selected together with the client.

A graphic line was created in accordance with the corporate brand image. Emphasising a certain sobriety and incorporating an intrinsic dynamism in the elements. To this end, the hierarchy of these elements was studied in depth, in such a way that both the graphic support elements and the vital elements of use had the required importance for their task.

In addition to the essential elements that should communicate and/or guide the user, the human element was introduced as a vital support. In this way, the aim is to empathise with the user as much as possible.

In order to provide dynamism, a typography, a chromatic range and a specific iconography were selected.

The result is a web platform that serves as a corporate support as well as a tool for both internal and external use. It meets all the objectives set by the client and its graphic and structural study provides an exclusive value, adapted and with an excellent user experience.

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